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Ukraine: Draft Technical Regulation on Ecodesign Requirements for Vacuum Cleaners

The Ukrainian State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving published, on 28 March 2018, a draft Decree that, if adopted, would approve Technical Regulation on ecodesign requirements for vacuum cleaners.

The draft Technical Regulation has been developed in line with the EU Regulation No 666/2013 on ecodesign requirements for vacuum cleaners. 

Ukraine: Occupational safety rules for mechanical cleaning of spare parts

As of 30 January 2018, facilities where works involving mechanical cleaning of spare parts are being performed are required to comply with the adopted occupational safety rules. These Rules set out requirements for the performance of works involving mechanical cleaning of spare parts with the use of shot blasting, sandblasting and hydro-sandblasting, as well as cleaning of spare parts in tumbling drums.

Ukraine: Revised emission norms for thermal power plants

Facilities operating thermal power plants with nominal heat output capacity exceeding 50 MW installed at heating power stations, boiler installations and at industrial facilities, will be required to comply with the adopted permissible emission limits of polluting substances as soon as the adopted norms enter into force. The Norms will enter into force from the date of their official publication. As at 6 April 2018, the Norms have not been officially published.

Ukraine: Technical Regulation on the safety of toys is to enter into force

As of 21 September 2018, importers and manufacturers of toys are required to ensure their products comply with the adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys (TR). There is no transitional period but all toys that are compliant with the “old” TR on toy safety (i.e. adopted in 2013) and that have been issued conformity assessment documents before the 2018 TR enters into force (i.e. before 21 September 2018) can remain on the market provided that they have been placed on the market before 21 September 2018.

Russia: Amended regulation on drug precursors

As of 29 September 2018, the lists of regulated drug precursors are to be amended. For example, for 1-phenyl-2-nitropropene, that is included into the list of controlled precursors, the requirement to its controlled concentration will be removed (currently – 15% or more).

EAEU: Consumers will be informed on the plant fat content in dairy products

The EurAsian Commission Collegiate has set the transitional period for the amendments to the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products. These amendments were adopted on 10 November 2017 and enter into force on 16 July 2018.

The amendments to the Technical Regulation on milk and dairy products clarified and supplemented milk and dairy product classification.

EAEU: Declaration of conformity. Procedure for registration, suspension, renewal and cancellation

As of 1 July 2018 importers and manufacturers of products that require the issue of a conformity declaration have to follow the adopted procedure. The adopted procedure governs the registration, renewal, suspension and termination of conformity declarations that must be issued for products that are subject to the EAEU Technical Regulations (TRs). Such products include toys, electrical equipment, personal protective equipment, cosmetics, food and some other categories of products.

Russia: Energy efficiency requirements for buildings and structures

As of 6 April 2018, organisations performing planning, renovation, capital refurbishment and operation of heated buildings and structures have to comply with the adopted energy efficiency requirements. The requirements apply to buildings and structures that are heated and equipped with heat-consuming installations, electric receivers, water-separating devices or devices operating on natural gas, with the aim of providing consumers with energy resources and utilities.