Russia: EPR. Proposal to submit environmental charge calculation electronically

Manufacturers and importers of products subject to recycling after the loss of their consumer properties (e.g. electronic equipment, cardboard and paper packaging and textile products) within the extended producer responsibility framework, might soon be able to submit the environmental charge calculation reports in electronic form online.

If the proposal is adopted, such manufacturers and importers would be able to create and submit environmental charge calculation reports in one of the following ways:

  • By using free software “Nature User Module published on the official website of the Federal Service on the Nature Use Supervision – “RosPrirodNadzor”  at:;

  • Via the personal cabinet of an environmental charge payer:; or
  • Via other software if the requirements applicable to the format of the report are complied with. 

RosPrirodNadzor is to use the Unified State Information System of Records of Wastes Generated from the Use of Goods in order to accept the reports and to check whether the importers and manufacturers have accurately calculated the payable environmental charge.