Russia has banned “Palcohol” sales

Federal Consumer Protection and Public Welfare Service (Rospotrebnadzor) has announced that, due to the fact that the sale of powder alcohol (“palcohol”) has been permitted in several US states, it is possible that some distributors will try to release this product on the Russian market.

One of the main risks represented by Palcohol to the consumers is that its use as a base for light alcoholic drinks and cocktails is not certain. The dosage and the method of consumption of the granules may be changed contradictory to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, the granules may be consumed in a dry state or inhaled.

Powder alcohol may impact the mucus membranes of   the nose and mouth. As a result, ethanol is absorbed by the mucus membrane and contaminates the bloodstream. This, in turn, may lead to alcoholic intoxication and to the damage of the mucus membrane.

Technical Regulation on the Safety of Food (TR TS 021/2011) does not mention this product and does not have any requirements for this type of product. Therefore, it is not currently possible to perform the assessment of conformity of this product with the regulatory requirements. Palcohol does not have a permission to be distributed in the territory of Russia.

Considering the above mentioned points, Rospotrebnadzor has informed that Palcohol products are potentially dangerous to the human health.

The product is banned from the Russian market and the measures aimed at the prevention of Palcohol entering the Russian marked are being implemented.