Russia: proposed legal framework for marking products with identification marks

The Ministry of Finance has proposed draft law that would require certain products (the exact lists of these products are to be adopted at a later stage) with special identification and tracking marks (RFID).

The declared aims of this requirement are to protect the consumer from counterfeit and illegally imported or manufactured products and to unify the procedure of product tracking.

This draft law was preceded by a rather successful pilot project imposing a requirement to place a tracking mark on all fur products. Although it is not sufficiently clear which products would be affected when the draft law enters into force, these will be product groups with the largest share of counterfeits on the Russian market, such as pharmaceuticals, light industry products (clothing), etc.

Draft law imposes requirements for the tracking mark (RFID) and for the product marking procedure. It also sets out obligations for all parties participating in product circulation on the market. 

Marking of products with an identification mark would be compulsory or voluntary. 

Draft law is to enter into force as of 1 January 2018.