Russia: Published list of laws containing compulsory fire safety requirements

The published list of laws contains compulsory fire safety requirements compliance with which is to be checked by fire safety inspectors during fire safety inspections of organisations.

The list includes federal laws, Presidential Decrees, Governmental Decrees and Directions as well as regulations adopted by federal and local executive bodies.

The listed documents contain requirements in the area of civil defence and protection of population and territories from emergency situations as well as fire safety requirements.

The adopted list does not impose any requirements on organisations but can be used by them as a reference.

It is important to note that fire safety inspectors are authorized to check compliance with requirements regulated only by the listed laws.

Law: Order No. 171 of 14 April 2017 on the Adoption of the List of Statutory Instruments Containing Compulsory Requirements, Compliance with which is to be Checked During State  Fire Safety Supervision Measures