Russia: Suspension of retail sales of ethanol-containing products extended for another 180 days

As of 20 October 2017, all organisations and sole traders are prohibited to retail any ethanol-containing nonfoods as well as ethanol-containing food additives and flavourings for another 180 days. It is prohibited to retail any ethanol-containing products with the ethanol content exceeding 28% if such products are sold at a price (per 0,5l) that is lower than the price set for alcoholic drinks with the ethanol content above 28% by Order No. 58n of 11 May 2016.

This prohibition applies to all mentioned products except for glass rinsing products, non-liquid products and products packaged in a way that excludes their oral consumption (indigestion).

Law: Decree No. 130 of 12 October 2017 on the Suspension of Retail Sales of Ethanol-Containing Non-foods, Ethanol-Containing Food Additives and Flavourings