Ukraine. Issue 10 January 2017

Adopted licensing requirements for facilities performing fire-protection works

Facilities performing fire protection works, such as service and repair and service of automatic fire fighting installations (foam, powder, aerosol, water, etc.), fire alarm systems, evacuation systems, smoke protection systems, etc., are required to comply with the adopted requirements. These requirements relate to the minimum qualification of service personnel as well as organizational and technical requirements.

Ukraine, Issue 3 January 2017

Adopted Technical Regulation for Simple High Pressure Vessels

The Regulation sets out technical and safety requirements for simple high pressure vessels placed on the Ukrainian market.  The Regulation has been developed based on the EU Directive 2014/29/EC on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of simple pressure vessels.

Ukraine: authorities will not be checking environmental complaints made by organisations

State environmental inspection will only be investigating grounded environmental complaints made by individuals.  The amendment to the procedure for environmental inspection of organisations was introduced by Order No. 101 of 16 March 2016. The amendment provides that a non-scheduled environmental inspection may only be conducted following a complaint of an individual (instead of “an individual or an organization” as before) regarding a breach of his or her lawful rights.


Ukraine. Issue 24 February 2016

Sanitary and hygienic rules and norms adopted during the “Soviet” time will cease to be effective as of 1 January 2017

Ukraine, Issue 11 January 2016

Draft law would restrict the content of synthetic fabric in children hosiery to 25%

According to the draft law, the content of synthetic fabric in children hosiery must not exceed 25%. If the draft law is adopted, the amendments would be made to the state sanitary norms and rules "Textile, fur and leather materials and products. Main hygienic requirements".