Uzbekistan: Import of ozone depleting substances

As of 13 April 2018, importers of ozone depleting substances (ODS) into Uzbekistan have to comply with the revised procedure for the importation of such substances.

The revised procedure was adopted by Decree No. 17 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 9 January 2018.

The Decree sets out the revised list of ODS and ODS-containing products. For example, the revised list no longer contains aerosols (cosmetics, perfumery and toiletries), domestic chemicals and insulation panels. This means that a permit is no longer required in order for these products to be imported into Uzbekistan.

Some products have been included into the revised list in comparison with the previous version. Such products include food and drinks vending machines with in-built cooling devices.

Importers of ODS and ODS-containing products must obtain an importation permit from the State Environmental Committee (Goskomekologia) of Uzbekistan. No permit is required for transit of ODS and ODS-containing substances through the territory of Uzbekistan.

Law: Decree No. 17 of 9 January 2018 on the Measures Aimed at Further Regulation of Importation of Ozone Depleting Substances and Products Containing Such Substances into Uzbekistan and Export of Such Products and Substances from Uzbekistan