Belarus, Issue 14 January 2016

Adopted Law on Major Hazard Facilities

Law No. 354-Z of 5 January 2016 applies to all organisations operating major hazard facilities (MHFs). These include facilities handling hazardous chemicals and substances in quantities exceeding certain thresholds, gas distribution facilities, facilities operating equipment working under excessive pressure, etc.

The adopted law imposes a number of requirements applicable to MHF operators, including accident reporting and record-keeping requirement, the requirement to register MHFs, the requirement to implement self-monitoring system in the area of industrial safety at MHFs, etc.

Law: Law No. 354-Z of 5 January 2016 on the Industrial Safety


Revised safety requirements for packaged drinking water

The adopted revised norms apply to manufacturers of packaged drinking water, as of 28 December 2015.

The norms contain requirements for the safety of packaged drinking water, its packaging, production process and the personal hygiene of employees participating in the production process.


Law: Sanitary Norms “Requirements for Packaged Drinking Water” adopted by Decree No. 123 of 15 December 2015


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