Ukraine: Approved Technical Regulation on Radio Equipment

Starting from 1 April 2018 all manufacturers and importers of radio equipment in Ukraine are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation (TR) on the safety of radio electronic equipment, subject to the set transitional period. The adopted TR is in line with the European Directive 2014/53/EU relating to the making available on the market of radio equipment.

Ukraine, Issue 20 June 2017

Adopted rules for dangerous goods transportation by inland waterways

The Rules apply to all organisations participating in inland transportation of dangerous goods. The Rules contain requirements for transportation, loading, unloading, treatment of vessels, training of staff, etc.

Ukraine: Adopted Technical Regulation on Energy Labelling of Televisions

Manufacturers and importers of television sets will be required to provide consumers with information on energy consumption characteristics of such television sets, when the adopted Technical Regulation (TR) enters into force.  It is intended that TR will enter into force six months after its official publication.

Ukraine: Penalties for breaching workplace risk assessment requirements

State Labour Protection Service has issued a reminder that all organisations are required to perform workplace risk assessment (the Attestation of workplaces), in accordance with the procedure adopted by Decree No. 442 of 1 August 1992 and Methodical Recommendations adopted by Decree No. 41 of 1 September 1992.