EEU (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan)

EAEU: “Traffic lights” for food packaging

The heads of designated food safety authorities of the EAEU member states have met as a Council and discussed the possibility to introduce colour-coded food labelling.

Currently, the main instrument regulating food labelling is Technical Regulation on Food Labelling. It sets out requirements to indicate product name, its composition, storage conditions, shelf-life and other information that enables the consumer to make an informed choice.

EAEU: Amended standards for the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys

As of 28 October 2017, manufacturers and importers of toys into the EAEU are required to use the revised list of standards that ensure presumption of conformity with the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Toys, TR TS 008/2011 (the TR). They also have to comply with the list of compulsory standards for this TR that contain testing rules and methods.

EAEU: Adopted Technical Regulation on the safety of packaged drinking water

As of 1 January 2019 producers and importers of drinking water in packaging (including natural mineral water) are required to comply with the provisions of the adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Packaged Drinking Water, Including Natural Mineral Water, TR EAEU 044/2017 (the “TR”).