Cosmetics and perfumery

EAEU: Revised lists of standards for the Technical Regulation on Cosmetic Products

As of 30 September 2017, manufacturers and importers of cosmetic and perfumery products are to use the revised list of standards in order to ensure presumed compliance with the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Perfumery and Cosmetics (TR TS 009/2011) and the revised list of compulsory standards prescribing testing methods and sample taking procedures for the same Technical Regulation.  

Russia: Further temporary sale prohibition for certain alcohol-containing non-foods

Starting from 12 July 2017, organisations and sole traders are required to suspend, for 90 days, all retail sales of ethanol-containing nonfoods as well as alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings (except glass rinsing liquids, non-liquid alcohol-containing products as well as products packaged in a way that excludes the possibility of their oral consumption) with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the total product volume.

EAEU: Three more internal non-tariff barriers are to be removed

The EurAsian Economic Commission continues working towards the removal of barriers for the free movement of goods, services, capital and workforce within the internal EAEU market.

As a result of a recent discussion, the Commission is to continue working at removal of three more internal barriers. 

Russia: Renewal of the temporary retail prohibition for certain alcohol-containing products

Starting from 30 March 2017 all organisations and sole traders are required to suspend all retail sale of alcohol-containing non-foods, alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the finished product volume, sold at a price that is lower than the retail price of 0,5 litre of vodka or other spirits or liquors with the ethanol content exceeding 28%.


Russia: Excises may be imposed on cosmetic products and domestic chemicals

Draft Federal Law that would amend the Tax Code of the Russian Federation would impose excises on alcohol-containing perfumery and cosmetic products, regardless of product size and alcohol content.

If the draft law is adopted, it would set the excise amount as RUR 523 for 1 liter of anhydrous ethyl alcohol contained in ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products.

Ukraine: draft Technical Regulation on Cosmetics approved

Draft Resolution approves the Draft Technical Regulation on cosmetic products and submits a notification to the WTO.

The Draft Technical Regulation (TR) sets out the basic minimum requirements for cosmetics and perfumery products.  

The draft TR was developed based on the Regulation (EU) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products.

Russia suspends retail sale of alcohol-containing non-foods

As of 23 December 2016 retailers of non-food alcohol-containing products with the content of alcohol exceeding 25% (except perfumery products and glass rinsing agents) are required to suspend all retail sale of these products for a 30-day period.

EEU: amended Technical Regulation on the Safety of Packaging

As of 21 May 2017 manufacturers and importers of packaging and packaged products packaging, are required to comply with the amended provisions of the EurAsian Economic Union Technical Regulation on the Safety of Packaging (TR TS 005/2011).

EEU and Russia: call to ban MIT and MCI from child cosmetics

The recent prohibition of MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) in all leave-on cosmetics marketed in the European Union triggered the start of public campaign in Russia. The campaign is led by the media project “LookBio” and the website  The aim of this campaign is to totally exclude MIT from child cosmetic products placed on the Russian market.