Uzbekistan: Ten ILO Conventions may be implemented

The Ministry of Occupation and Employment Relations is planning to implement ten ILO Conventions and to generally revise the national occupational safety legislation.

Plan of Comprehensive Measures aimed at improving the efficiency of state labour protection bodies provides for the possible implementation of certain ILO Conventions and for the revision of labour safety legislation.

Uzbekistan: Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility entered into force

As of 30 May 2017, manufacturers and importers of certain types of electrical and electronic equipment (including ICT equipment and domestic appliances) have to comply with the adopted electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted Decree No. 389 approving Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility (the EMC TR) on 21 November 2016.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Wheeled Transport Vehicles

As of 2 November 2017 manufacturers and importers of wheeled transport vehicles that are to be placed on the market in Uzbekistan have to comply with the provisions of the adopted Technical Regulation. 

General safety requirements include the requirement that any transport vehicles placed on the market in Uzbekistan must be suitable for the local climate.

Uzbekistan: Created the State Committee of Ecology and Environmental Protection

The State Nature Protection Committee has been transformed into the State State Committee of Ecology and Environmental Protection, reporting directly to the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

The main tasks of the Committee are to be state environmental management, state supervision of compliance with waste management and air protection regulations, creation of an efficient waste collection, transportation, utilization, recycling and landfill system,  etc. 

Uzbekistan, Issue 5 April 2017

Uzbekistan: The Government is to propose 30 draft laws in 2017

The adopted Programme for the development of draft laws for 2017 includes 30 new draft laws.

The Programme includes draft law that would impose stricter liability on employers for breaching health and safety regulations and for other breaches of labour protection legislation.

Uzbekistan, Issue 15 March 2017

Amended procedure for used oil treatment

The revised version includes mainly drafting amendments and a revised diagram of the movement of used oil from organisations and physical persons to the centralized collection and processing points as well as to the points of used oil exchange.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Telecommunication Equipment

As of 6 September 2017 manufacturers, importers and suppliers of telecommunication equipment in Uzbekistan are required to comply with the adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Telecommunication Equipment.

The adopted Technical Regulation applies to both new equipment (regardless of the country of manufacture), modernized (refurbished) equipment, used equipment and imported equipment.