Uzbekistan: Simplified procedure for conformity assessment

Asof19 July 2017, importers and manufacturers of products subject to compulsory certification, are able to use a foreign declaration of conformity in order to fulfill the compulsory certification requirement. The amendment to the procedure of compulsory product certification provides the possibility of a foreign conformity declaration being acknowledged by the Uzbekistan authorities.

Uzbekistan: Adopted food safety, packaging and labelling technical regulations

Uzbekistan has adopted and published a number of food related technical regulations (TRs).

Technical Regulation on the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products. The TR applies to all milk and dairy products released on the market of Uzbekistan. The TR was adopted by Decree No. 474 of 7 July 2017 and enters into force in 18 months from the date of its official publication.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on Oil and Fat Food Products

As of 25 January 2019, importers and manufacturers of oil and fat products, including animal and plant fats, are required to comply with the requirements imposed by Technical Regulation (TR) on the Safety of Oil and Fat Products.

The requirements imposed by the adopted TR apply to all food and non-food fat and oil products, such as plant and animal oils and fats, mayonnaise, distilled glycerin, plant oil spreads, household soap, etc.

Uzbekistan: how to obtain a permit for works with explosives

Decree No. 360 of 6 June 2017 regulates, among other things the procedure for the issue of permits for handling or using explosive materials.

The permit is to be issued by the specially authorized state agency – “Sanoatgeokontechnazorat”.

A permit holder is required:

Uzbekistan: Adopted procedure for drilling groundwater wells

A permit to drill a groundwater well is to be issued to organisations that perform such drilling and have the necessary technical capacity and sufficiently qualified personnel.

 In order to apply for a permit, the applicant must submit a permit application to the local hydro-geological station.  A permit is to be issued for each well separately.

Uzbekistan: Ten ILO Conventions may be implemented

The Ministry of Occupation and Employment Relations is planning to implement ten ILO Conventions and to generally revise the national occupational safety legislation.

Plan of Comprehensive Measures aimed at improving the efficiency of state labour protection bodies provides for the possible implementation of certain ILO Conventions and for the revision of labour safety legislation.

Uzbekistan: Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility entered into force

As of 30 May 2017, manufacturers and importers of certain types of electrical and electronic equipment (including ICT equipment and domestic appliances) have to comply with the adopted electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted Decree No. 389 approving Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility (the EMC TR) on 21 November 2016.

Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Wheeled Transport Vehicles

As of 2 November 2017 manufacturers and importers of wheeled transport vehicles that are to be placed on the market in Uzbekistan have to comply with the provisions of the adopted Technical Regulation. 

General safety requirements include the requirement that any transport vehicles placed on the market in Uzbekistan must be suitable for the local climate.