EEU: “Aggressive” or “immoral” toys may be banned from the market

Draft amendment to Technical Regulation of the Customs Union «On Safety of Toys» (CU TR 008/2011) aims to prohibit placing on the EEU market of toys which have a possible negative impact on the development and health of children causing aggression, fear and anxiety or which provoke children to be intolerant to racial differences or to physical impairments of other people or those which develop their interest in gambling. 

According to the draft amendment, all toys supplied on the market of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia or Kyrgyzstan would have to undergo psychological safety expert assessment to ensure they comply with the requirements of the CU TR 008/2011. 


The procedure for the psychological expert assessment for toy is to be regulated by the national legislation of the EEU member states: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.