Kazakhstan: adopted Technical Regulation on product marking

As of 23 December 2016 organisations placing certain products on the market of Kazakhstan (product manufacturers, importers, sellers, etc.) must ensure that these products bear the required marking and/or are accompanied with the required information.

Technical Regulation on Product Marking Requirements (the TR) does not apply to products that are subject any technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (the Customs Union), such as electronics, cosmetics, light industry products and other products in scope of the EEU Technical Regulations.

The TR requires that products must be accompanied with information on their composition, properties, manufacturer, method of utilization (disposal), origin, etc. This information may be provided on the product label, tag or in the accompanying documentation, in accordance with the national requirements applicable to a particular type of product.

The information accompanying a product must be provided in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Law: Technical Regulation on Product Marking Requirements of Kazakhstan adopted by Order No. 724 of 15 October 2016