Kazakhstan: Environmental Code amended

As of 16 April 2017, the Environmental Code of Kazakhstan was amended to include an additional definition “specific greenhouse gas emission factor”.

The amendments also revise the list of wastes prohibited for landfill at special waste disposal sites. The list now includes “electrical and electronic equipment” (this item was listed as “office equipment” in the previous version). The item “used automotive oils and liquids” was excluded from the list as well as the item “large-sized wastes including domestic appliances and furniture”.

At the same time, the amendments move forward the date when the prohibition to landfill certain wastes enters into force. The prohibition to landfill: waste plastic, polyethylene and waste polyethylene terephthalate packaging, waste paper and cardboard, broken glass, construction material waste and food waste – is to be suspended and enters into force on 31 December 2018.


Law: Law on Amending and Supplementing the Environmental Code of Kazakhstan, No. 56-VI of 54 April 2017