Ukraine, Issue 11 January 2016

Draft law would restrict the content of synthetic fabric in children hosiery to 25%

According to the draft law, the content of synthetic fabric in children hosiery must not exceed 25%. If the draft law is adopted, the amendments would be made to the state sanitary norms and rules "Textile, fur and leather materials and products. Main hygienic requirements".

Kazakhstan, Issue 11 January 2016

Determined the relevant authorities for the issue of export licenses

From 21 January 2016 organisations exporting certain products, such as ionizing radiation sources, chemical radioactive isotopes, x-ray equipment, explosives, etc. have to obtain an export licence from the authorities specified in Annex 1 to the adopted procedure. For example, in order to export a particle accelerator, the exporter will have to obtain a licence from the Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control Committee of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

Russia, Issue 11 January 2016

Import licensing for gravel, crushed stone and similar products

From 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016 Russia has imposed compulsory import licenses for crushed stone, gravel, and the products the components of which are crushed stone, gravel and sand.

Kyrgyzstan, Issue 5 January 2016

Adopted procedure for hazardous waste management

The procedure has been adopted in order to solve the existing issues in the area of hazardous waste management and creation of environmentally safe living conditions for the population. The procedure applies to organisations performing hazardous waste management operations. The procedure enters into force as of 14 January 2016.

Kazakhstan, Issue No. 28-12, 2015

Adopted Rules for the Performance of Technical Inspection of the Safety and Sustainability of Buildings and Structures