Chemicals (industrial and household)

EAEU: Proposed amendment to Technical Regulation on Requirements for Lubricants, Oils and Special Liquids

Manufactures and importers of coolants may be subject to a requirement that restricts the content of methanol (methyl alcohol) in coolants. If the draft amendment is adopted, the content of methanol in coolants would not be permitted to exceed 0.05 % by mass. 

All conformity assessment documents adopted or issued before the amendment enters into force would remain valid until their normal expiry date. 

EAEU: Three more internal non-tariff barriers are to be removed

The EurAsian Economic Commission continues working towards the removal of barriers for the free movement of goods, services, capital and workforce within the internal EAEU market.

As a result of a recent discussion, the Commission is to continue working at removal of three more internal barriers. 

EAEU: Transitional provisions to the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Mineral Fertilisers

Technical Regulation on the Safety of Mineral Fertilisers TR EAEU 039/2016 enters into force on the same date the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Chemical Products enters into force.  All conformity assessment documents issued for products subject to the TR on the Safety of Mineral Fertilisers before this TR enters into force, are to remain valid through their normal validity period but no later than 18 months from the date the TR on the Safety of Mineral Fertilisers entered into force.

Russia: Adopted standards on chemical product identification

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) has approved two national standards: GOST R 57443-2017 “Chemical product identification. General provisions” and GOST R 57444-2017 “Chemical product identification. Rules for performing laboratory testS.” 

EEU: Transitional period for marking of explosive substances is to be extended

The EurAsian Economic Commission Collegiate approved the extension of transitional period for the EEU Technical Regulation on the Safety of Explosive Substances and Products Made on the Basis of Such Substances in the part regulating labelling of such products and substances. The TR regulates the circulation of explosive products used in coal, petrochemical, gas and some other industries.

Russia: 1-Dimethylamino-2-propanol is no longer a prohibited substance

The substance called 1-Dimethylamino-2-propanol has been moved from the list of drug precursors the turnover of which is prohibited in Russia into the list of drug precursors the turnover of which is regulated and controlled. The maximum concentration of this substance has been increased from 15% to 40%.

The corresponding amendments have also been made to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


Russia: Excises may be imposed on cosmetic products and domestic chemicals

Draft Federal Law that would amend the Tax Code of the Russian Federation would impose excises on alcohol-containing perfumery and cosmetic products, regardless of product size and alcohol content.

If the draft law is adopted, it would set the excise amount as RUR 523 for 1 liter of anhydrous ethyl alcohol contained in ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products.