Russia: Adopted Manual regulating the contents and format of radiation protection program during transportation of radioactive materials

Facilities that participate in transportation of radioactive materials as senders, receivers and/or transporters are recommended to use the adopted Manual for the development of their internal program on the implementation of radiation protection measures during any transportation of radioactive materials.

Compulsory safety requirements for transporting radioactive materials are prescribed by the Rules adopted by Order No. 388 of 15 September 2016 (NP-053-16).

The Manual recommends that any radiation control program consists of the following chapters:

  • Scope of application;
  • Distribution of liabilities and responsibilities for the implementation of the Program;
  • Radiation monitoring. Evaluation of radiation levels and exposure;
  • Radiation monitoring. Evaluation of surface contamination and deactivation methods;
  • Location of packages and other preventive measures;
  • Emergency response measures;
  • Training of personnel; and
  • Quality assurance.

The Manual provides an example of how the Program may be compiled in Annex No. 2.

Law: Order No. 330 of 24 August 2017 on the Adoption of the Manual Regulating Contents of the Radiation Protection Program to be Used During Transportation of Radioactive Materials, RB-127-17