Russia: Adopted procedure for pre-route inspections of transport vehicles

As of 24 December 2017, organisations performing road transportation by vehicles or by overground electrical transport vehicles are required to organize pre-route inspections of vehicles they operate. The purpose of pre-route inspections is to exclude the possibility of a faulty vehicle being allowed on the road.

Organisations must appoint a “vehicle controller” who will be responsible for performing technical inspections of transport vehicles. The controller must have sufficient qualifications.

If a vehicle has passed the technical pre-route inspection, the controller must record a note in the vehicle’s “route sheet” saying that “the vehicle has passed pre-route inspection” together with his or her signature as well as the time and date of the pre-route inspection.

Organisations must ensure that they do not allow on the road any vehicle that has not passed the required pre-route inspection.

Organisations are required to keep a log of pre-route inspections where the results of all pre-route inspections are to be recorded. The log must contain the following information:

  • Make and model of the transport vehicle
  • State registration number of the vehicle
  • Full name of the driver
  • Date and time of pre-route inspection
  • Odometer’s reading (full kilometers) at the time of inspection
  • Record of pre-route inspection
  • Driver’s signature
  • Controller’s signature.

Law: Order No. 141 of 6 April 2017 on Approving the Procedure for the Organisation and Implementation of Pre-route Inspection of Vehicles