Russia: Adopted rules for the safe operation and maintenance of lifts, lifting platforms, travellators and escalators

As of 30 August 2017, owners and/or operators of passenger lifts (elevators), lifting platforms for disabled persons, travellators (moving pedestrian pavements) and escalators (the Equipment) are required to comply with the adopted safety rules. The Rules do not apply to non-passenger lifts, lifts operated in mines or on ships, aircrafts or special military purpose lifts.

The Rules impose requirements for the operation and maintenance of the Equipment, including requirements to organize regular technical inspections. Owners and operators of the relevant lifts, platforms, conveyers and escalators are required to use only qualified personnel for service and repair of the Equipment.

Owners and operators of the Equipment are required to post the required information related to its operation on the main landing floors of lifts, platforms, escalators and conveyers. This information includes phone number or other methods of communication with the emergency service and the instructions on how to use (operate) the Equipment.

Owners and operators are also required to pose information including serial and internal registration number of the equipment, date when the Equipment was put into operation, service period and the date of the next technical inspection.

Annex 1 to the Rules contains a list of safety breaches related to the operation of lifts, platforms, escalators and travellators. These breaches include the unavailability of the operating instructions for the Equipment, non-compliance with a direction to remedy a breach issued by a state inspection body, failure to appoint a person responsible for the service and maintenance of the Equipment, etc.

Law: Decree No. 743 of 24 June 2017 on the Organisation of Safe Use and Maintenance of Lifts, Lifting Platforms for Disabled Persons, Passenger Conveyers (Travellators) and Escalators (excluding Escalators operating in Subways)