Russia: Electronic cigarettes and hookah may be subject to the same requirements as cigarettes

The State Duma is to consider a draft law that aims to protect public health from any harmful effects caused by using hookah or electronic cigarettes or any other electronic devices generating aerosol, steam or smoke with the purpose of inhaling.

The legislators explain that the main reason for creation of this draft law is the growth in popularity for electronic smoking devices and hookah among youths and children. The legislators also say that protecting the health of children and young people should be the first priority of the state.

The draft law would introduce the terms “electronic smoking devices” and “hookah” and aims to set our restrictions for the use of electronic smoking devices and hookah in certain territories, premises and buildings.

The draft law also aims to restrict demonstration of electronic smoking devices and hookah in audiovisual products intended for both adults and children.

The draft law would prohibit the sale of these two products to persons below 18.