Russia: Energy efficiency information is to be included into all construction project documentation

As of 20 September 2017, organisations developing construction project documentation for a building or a structure (project owners, main contractors or third parties developing project documentation pursuant to a contract) are required to include additional energy efficiency information into project documentation bundle.

For example, Part 3 “Architectural solution” of any project documentation must now include list of measures aimed at complying with energy efficiency requirements applicable to architectural solutions that impact energy efficiency characteristics or a building or structure (except for project documentation for buildings and structures that are not subject to energy efficiency requirements).

In addition, energy efficiency compliance information must be included into the following subsections of construction project documentation: “Electricity supply systems”, “Water supply system”, “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning”, “Gas supply systems” and “Technological solutions”.

Law: Decree No. 1081 of 8 September 2017 on Amending the Regulation on the Contents of Planning Documentation