Russia: Environmental and fire safety state inspections to be performed based on checklists

As of 1 October 2017, all fire safety and environmental state inspectors are required to use special checklists in order to perform a scheduled inspection of an organization.

The checklists will contain questions that the inspectors are to ask the organisations in order to check compliance with environmental or fire safety regulations.

The questions for the checklists are to be adopted separately.

The scope of such an inspection will be restricted by the questions contained in the checklist. This means that the inspectors will not have the right to go beyond the requirements reflected by the relevant checklist.

The requirements to use a checklist for environmental and fire safety inspections have been introduced by two Decrees: No. 774 and No. 762.

Law: 1) Decree No. 774 of 29 June 2017 on Amending the Regulation on the State Fire Safety Supervision

2) Decree No. 762 of 28 June 2017 on Amending Certain Regulations Issued by the Government of the Russian Federation