Russia: Extended validity period for air emission limits

As of 27 July 2017, individual air emission limits set for facilities and their emission sources (so-called “PDV projects”), are to be valid for 7 years, instead of 5.  

Any facility emitting polluting substances into the ambient air is required to develop individual air emission limits (PDV Project) and to have it approved with the environmental authorities.

Temporary agreed air emission limits (VSVs) except for radioactive emissions, are to be set for facilities for the time required for the facility in question to be able to reach the optimum emission limits – PDVs. The period during which VSVs are to be valid must be agreed with the environmental authorities. VSV is the maximum weight of polluting substances that is allowed to be emitted during certain period of time. VSVs are normally set taking into consideration the ambient air quality in a particular area and other conditions, such as the current social and economic conditions in the impacted area.

Law: Decree No. 841 of 14 July 2017 on Amending Decree No. 182 of 2 March 2000 and No. 183 of 2 March 2000.