Russia: Further temporary sale prohibition for certain alcohol-containing non-foods

Starting from 12 July 2017, organisations and sole traders are required to suspend, for 90 days, all retail sales of ethanol-containing nonfoods as well as alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings (except glass rinsing liquids, non-liquid alcohol-containing products as well as products packaged in a way that excludes the possibility of their oral consumption) with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the total product volume. This restriction applies to all products sold at the price that is lower than the retail price of vodka or other alcoholic drinks with the alcohol content exceeding 28%, per 0,5 liter. Retail prices for vodka and other alcoholic drinks are set by Order No. 58n of 11 May 2016.

The purpose of this restriction (which is a renewal of the existing restriction) is to prevent poisoning caused by oral consumption of alcohol-containing products.

Law: Decree No. 96 of 6 July 2017 on the Suspension of Retail Sale of Ethanol-Containing Non-Food Products, Alcohol-Containing Food Additives and Flavourings