Russia: Industry is opposing the proposed rules on medical examination of workers

Draft regulation on medical examination of employees is being discussed. However, most organisations which this regulation would impact, if adopted, do not support the proposal. The Russian Industry and Entrepreneurs Union (RSPP) has shown a negative reaction on the proposed expansion of categories of professions and workplaces with exposure to harmful or hazardous working conditions.

If the proposal presented by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development (MinZdrav) is adopted, almost all types of work and professions would be subject to compulsory preliminary and regular medical examinations. The proposal also aims to extend the number of doctors who will be a part of the medical commission.

This will result in a cost increase for employers. In addition, due to the shortage of doctors in certain regions of Russia, it will hardly be possible to create a medical commission consisting of 6-7 medical specialists.

It might no longer be possible to organize medical examinations in non-state medical institutions as the Ministry intends to grant an exclusive right to perform such medical examinations only to state medical institutions.

The position of MinZdrav is supported by trade unions but a number of governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy are against this proposal.

The RSPP proposes to suspend the adoption of the regulation until MinZdrav and trade unions have presented an official scientific justification for the expansion of categories of workers who are subject to compulsory medical examinations.