Russia, Issue 21 March 2017

Revised Rules for obtaining compulsory insurance for major hazard installations

The revised rules set out requirements for conclusion, amending, extending or terminating a contract for a compulsory civil liability insurance for owners of major hazard installations (the Contract).

The rules also impose requirements for the actions of relevant persons in certain circumstances, including any actions to be taken after an insured event took place.

The revised rules also adopt revised forms for the insurance application.

Law: Regulation on the Rules for Obtaining Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance by Owners of Major Hazard Installations Against any Damages Caused by an Accident at a Major Hazard Installations

Adopted primary energy efficiency requirements for buildings and structures

Starting from 1 January 2018 operators and owners of buildings and structures for which a building permit was obtained after 1 January 2018, are required to comply with “primary energy efficiency requirements” applicable to certain buildings or structures. The amendments that enter into force on 2018 introduce the concept of “primary energy efficiency requirements” for different types of buildings.

For example, for administrative and public buildings with the total area size exceeding 1000 square meters and which are connected to the centralized heating network, one of the primary energy efficiency requirements (during construction, renovation or capital refurbishment of internal engineering communication systems) is to install (if technically possible) temperature regulation devices (with regulating valves with thermo-elements) in order to regulate heat energy consumption rate, depending on the air temperature in the premises.


Law: Decree No. 275 of 7 March 2017 on Amending Certain Regulatory Instruments on Setting Primary Requirements of Energy Efficiency for Buildings and Structures