Russia. Issue 5 January 2017

Amended rules for importing pharmaceuticals into Russia

According to the amendment, all pharmaceuticals (both registered and not registered in Russia) may be imported into Russia without a permit (issued by the Ministry of Healthcare), provided that they are intended to be used for private purposes by individuals arriving into Russia.

It is however, important to note that preparations and medicines containing strong and/or poisonous substances (included into the relevant lists) may only be imported by private persons if there are any documents (or certified copies) proving that the individual in question has been prescribed such medicines. If these documents are issued in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by a notarially certified translation into Russian.

Law: Decree No. 1515 of 28 December 2016 on Amending Clause 6 of the Rules for Importing Pharmaceuticals into the Russian Federation

Draft law aims to amend methods for calculating discounts and additions to occupational safety insurance

The methods for the calculation of discounts (deductions) and surcharges on insurance tariffs for the compulsory insurance against occupational accidents and illnesses are to be amended. The methodic would be supplemented by a provision that would allow to increase the tariff if the insured employer had a group accident (affecting 2 or more persons) in the previous year.