Russia: Lift operators may have to submit notifications

According to the published draft law, organisations that perform assembly, disassembly, operation (service and repair) of lifts, lifting platforms for disabled persons, passenger conveyors and escalators (except escalators used in the underground system) would have to submit notifications to the authorities on the mentioned activities. The notifications must be submitted within 6 months from the date when the draft law enters into force.

All organisations already performing activities involving operation of the above mentioned equipment at the date draft law enters into force, would have to submit a notification to the authorities within a 6 month period.

The reason why this requirement was proposed is that most accidents involving the use of lifts, lifting platforms, passenger conveyors and escalators are a result of the absence of proper statutory supervision of the activities involving the operation and service of the mentioned equipment.

If the notification requirement enters into force, this will allow the competent authorities to keep record of the organisations operating the mentioned types of equipment and to conduct regular scheduled inspections of such organisations.

Law: Draft law on amending article 8 of Federal Law on the Protection of Rights of Legal Persons and Entrepreneurs During Statutory Supervision (Control) Measures