Russia: Organisations that own waste disposal facilities will not have to contract external waste disposal operators

Draft amendment to Federal Law on Industrial and Consumer Wastes and to some other regulatory instruments aims to exempt organisations that dispose of (neutralize, landfill or recycle) wastes at their own waste disposal facilities from having to contract an external waste disposal operator. In order to be able to qualify for this exemption, the organization would have to submit documentary evidence that it has the possibility to neutralize, landfill and/or recycle solid municipal wastes at its own facilities.

Organisations that qualify for this exemption would have to regularly submit to the authorities the information on the quantity or volume of solid municipal wastes they have neutralized, landfilled or recycled, in a form and with the frequency prescribed by the authorities.

The amendment would also clarify that if an organization or a sole trader processes, recycles or disposes of wastes generated as a result of their own activity, such an organization or a sole trader do not require a licence for these waste management activities.