Russia: Revised statistical reporting forms for employers

Employers are required to use the adopted compulsory statistical reporting forms for reports submitted for 2017 onwards.

The list of the adopted revised forms includes the following:

  • No. 1-T (working conditions) “Information on the working conditions and compensations for harmful and/or hazardous works” (Yearly, to be submitted before 19 January of the following year);
  • No. 1-T “Information on the number and salaries of workers” (Yearly, to be submitted before 20 January of the following year); etc.

Employers are required to complete these forms each year and submit them to the relevant authorities before the date specified on the form. For example, form No. 1-T (working conditions) containing information for 2017 must be submitted to the local body of the statistical authority (RosStat) before 19 January 2018.    

The list also includes a number of monthly reporting forms, such as the form No. 3-F containing the information on all salary arrears.

Law: Order No. 566 of 1 September 2017 on the Adoption of Statistical Instruments to be Used for the Federal Statistical Surveillance over the Number of Workers, their Working Conditions and Salaries