Russia: Safety requirements for the operation of x-ray inspection systems

As of 26 November 2017, all organisations that produce, sell, test, assemble, service or operate x-ray inspection installations with the maximum energy of up to 15 MeV (e.g. those used for luggage inspection) are required to comply with the adopted safety rules. The Rules to not apply to x-ray scanners used for the inspection of people.

The Rules impose requirements for:

The design of the installations;

General requirements for working with the installations;

Performing works with x-ray installations used for inspecting goods and luggage;

Radiation monitoring; etc. 

Any organization operating an Installation must develop and implement a “Radiation Monitoring Programme” setting out the list of monitoring measures, scope and procedure for the implementation of such measures and the personnel responsible for the implementation of the Radiation Monitoring Programme.

Law: Sanitary Rules and Norms adopted by Decree No. 124 of 4 September 2017