EEU (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan)

EAEU: Draft Agreement for Common Labelling System of Goods with Control (Identification) Signs

The Eurasian Economic Commission has published, on 8 August 2017, a draft agreement that would establish the legal framework for the common system of labelling products with control (identification) signs.

If the agreement is adopted, it would put in place a system where certain products will be marked with an “identification means” or a “material carrier” which will be used for product identification purposes.

EAEU: Regulation on Fish Products enters into force

As of 1 September 2017, manufacturers and importers of fish and fish products (e.g. raw fish, caviar, etc.) will be required to comply with the provisions imposed by the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Fish and Fish Products (TR EAEU 040/2016).

EAEU: Adopted Regulation on product registration certificates

As of 1 June 2019, manufacturers and importers (suppliers) of products subject to state registration are required to apply for a registration certificate in accordance with the revised procedure.

The revised procedure as well as the revised form of a registration certificate was adopted by EAEU Commission Decision No. 80 of 30 June 2017.

EAEU: Technical Regulation on the Safety of Chemical Products enters into force

Starting from 2 June 2021 importers and manufacturers of chemical products are to comply with the provisions of Technical Regulation on Safety of Chemical Products (TR EAEU 041/2017) – “TR”. The purpose of the adopted TR is protection of life and health of the EAEU population as well as of the environment and prevention of consumer misleading regarding the application and safety of chemical products.

EAEU: Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Chemical Products

The adopted TR is to enter into force on 2 June 2021 provided that the EurAsian Economic Commission develops, approves and enacts (before 1 December 2018) the procedure for the development and maintenance of chemical substances and mixtures Registry and the procedure for the notification of new chemical substances.