Ukraine: Adopted Law on Environmental Impact Assessment

As of 18 December 2017, organisations planning any activity that is capable to significantly impact the environment, are required to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) subject to the requirements imposed by Law adopted on 23 May 2017.

Article 3 of the adopted law lists activities that are capable of having significant impact on the environment. These in include petrochemical and gas processing facilities, certain types of heating power stations, nuclear fuel production installations, asbestos mining or processing facilities, chemical facilities, construction of airports or motorways, certain types of waste management activities, etc.

The adopted Law will not apply to organisations that had obtained a permit to perform one of the relevant activities before the Law entered into force (i.e. before 18 December 2017), subject to certain exemptions. 

All environmental expert assessment (EEA) results obtained before 18 December 2017, will remain valid and will have the same status as any EIA results.

The adopted Law allows the authorities to suspend or terminate an organisation’s activities if such an organisation has breached any EIA legislation requirements.

Law: Law of Ukraine on May 23, 2017 № 2059-VIII on Environmental Impact Assessment