Ukraine: Environmental tax rates increase

As of 1 January 2017 facilities performing air emissions, disposing of hazardous wastes and/or discharging wastewater into water bodies in Ukraine are required to pay higher environmental fees for these operations.

In particular, the following environmental rates have been increased.

Air emissions

  • NOx  – increased to 2204,89 hryvna per one ton (previously – 1968,65 hryvna per one ton)
  • Ammonia – increased to 413,53 hryvna per one ton (previously – 369,53 hryvna per one ton)
  • Ozone – increased to 2204 hryvna per one ton (previously – 1968,65 hryvna per one ton); etc.
  • Discharges of polluting substances into water bodies
  • Petrochemicals – increased from 7607 to 8519 hryvna per one ton
  • Nitrates – from 111 to 124 hryvna per one ton; etc.

Hazardous waste disposal 

  • Mercury-containing electrical and electronic equipment or parts of equipment generating ionizing radiation – from 694 to 778 hryvna per unit; etc.