Ukraine: Increasing penalties for breaches of food and feedstuffs safety legislation

As of 4 April 2018 food and feedstuffs manufacturers and suppliers (including importers) are required to comply with the adopted law on enforcement of safety legislation applicable to these products.

The adopted law regulates state supervision measures that are to be taken in a form of audits, inspections, sample taking, laboratory tests and analysis, visual inspection and documentary inspection.

The single supervisory agency in this area is the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine.

At the same time, the adopted law imposes significant financial penalties for breaches of food and feedstuffs safety legislation.

For example, breach of hygienic requirements applicable to food or feedstuffs production processes will be 10 minimum salaries (for an organization) or 6 minimum salaries – for a sole trader. One minimum salary in 2017 in Ukraine is around EUR 108.

The adopted law will not apply to any plant heath products and products and feedstuffs manufactured (intended) for an organization or individual’s own use.

Law: Law No. 2042-VIII of 18 May 2017 on the State Supervision of Compliance with Food and Foodstuffs and Animal Health Legislation