Ukraine, Issue 20 March 2017

Adopted safety rules for the development of underground minerals

All organisations performing underground mining of ore and non-metallic minerals will have to comply with the adopted safety rules.

The adopted rules impose general safety requirements for mining activities (e.g. the requirement to develop the necessary project documentation, emergency response plan, etc.) and specific requirements, such as requirements for the maintenance and designation of mine shaft, mine shaft ventilation, etc.

The rules enter into force as of the date of their official publication (not known as at 16 March 2017).

Law: Order No. 1592 on the Adoption of Safety Rules for the Development of deposits of Ore and Non-metallic Minerals 

Adopted Licensing Conditions for the transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous wastes by air

The licensing conditions set out the exhaustive list of documents which the license applicant must submit in support of the license application. It also sets out requirements such an applicant has to comply with in order to be able to obtain a license for the mentioned activities.

Decree adopting the licensing conditions has not entered into force as at 16 March 2017.

Law: Decree No. 134 of 10 March 2017 on the Approval of Licensing Conditions for Activities Involving Air Transportation of Passengers, Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Wastes

List of polluting substances used for determining the state of pollution for surface and ground water bodies

Adopted the list of controlled substances the content of which in water bodies is evaluated in order to determine the state of pollution of such water bodies. The list includes benzene, brominated diphenyl ethers, cadmium and its compounds, etc.

Law: Order No. 45 of 6 February 2017 on the List of Polluting Substances for the Evaluation of Chemical Composition of Surface and Water Bodies and Environmental Potential of an Artificial and Substantially Changed Mass of Surface Water