Ukraine: Published Technical Regulations on Energy Labelling of Vacuum Cleaners

As of 14 December 2017 manufacturers and importers of vacuum cleaners have to ensure such vacuum cleaners have energy labels before being placed on the Ukrainian market, according to the adopted Technical Regulation on Energy Efficiency of Vacuum Cleaners (TR).

Vacuum cleaners which are placed on the market before the TR enters into force (i.e. before 14 December 2017) and which do not fully comply with the TR provisions may remain on the market for six months after the date the TR enters into force.

The purpose of the TR is to provide consumers with energy consumption information on vacuum cleaners and to harmonise Ukrainian legislation with the EU legislation, such as Regulation (EU) No 665/2013 on the energy labelling of vacuum cleaners.

The TR applies to all electric mains-operated vacuum cleaners, including hybrid vacuum cleaners. 

The TR does not apply to:

  • wet, wet and dry, battery operated, industrial, robot or stationary vacuum cleaners;
  • vacuum cleaners for outdoor operation; and
  • floor polishers.

Suppliers and dealers are required to:

  • ensure that each vacuum cleaner is supplied, at the point of sale with a printed label in the format set out in Annex 1. This label must be either affixed to the front panel of the vacuum cleaner or hung on the vacuum cleaner. The label must not be obstructed;
  • supply a microfiche for each product model (the microfiche must comply with requirements set out in Annex 3);
  • ensure that information on the label and in the microfiche complies with the Ukrainian legislation on the use of languages;
  • ensure that technical documentation complies with requirements set out in Annex 3 and that it is made available on request to the authorities of the Energy Union countries.

If vacuum cleaners are offered for sale, hire or leasing (hire purchase) or in any other way where the end-user is not able to see the actual product, the dealer must provide the consumer with the information specified in Annex 4 before purchase. Vacuum cleaners offered for sale, hire or leasing online must be accompanied with information in set out by Annex 5.

Any advertisement for a specific model of vacuum cleaner must refer to the energy efficiency class of that model if the advertisement contains any energy-related or price information.  

The information provided on the energy label and microfiche must be obtained by reliable measurement procedures carried out in accordance with the national standards that are in line with the EU harmonised standards.

There is a six-month transitional period for products that are already in circulation on the market.


Law: Technical Regulation on Energy Labelling of Vacuum Cleaners, Decree No. 381 of 31 May 2017