Ukraine: Revised rules for the development of occupational health and safety instructions

When the Rules enter into force, all employers will be required to follow them when developing their internal occupational health and safety instructions. The Rules were adopted by Order No. 526 of 30 March 2017 and will enter into force from the date of their official publication. As at 21 August 2017, the Order has not been officially published.

According to the Rules, an internal occupational health and safety instruction (OHS instruction) is an OHS document that is compulsory for all employees during performance of their duties.

The employer must develop OHS instructions based on the existing OHS legislation, technical documentation of the organization in question, the manufacturer documentation for the equipment operated by the organization and taking into consideration the nature of the organisation’s activities.

The employer must develop OHS instructions in accordance with the internal List of OHS Instructions. The internal List of OHS Instructions must be compiled by the employer’s OHS Service, with the participation of chief technical managers and specialists, such as the chief energy specialist, chief technical specialist, etc.

The employer’s OHS Service must record all issued or reviewed (updated) OHS instructions in the special OHS Instruction Log, according to the internal procedure approved by the employer.

The employer must ensure that all OHS instructions are up to date and are reviewed at least once every five years (for works with an increased hazard – at least once every 3 years).

Law: Order No. 526 of 30 March 2017 on Amending the Rules for Developing Occupational Health and Safety Instructions