Uzbekistan: Adopted Technical Regulation on different types of fuel

As of 27 November 2017, manufacturers and importers of motor and aviation gasoline, as well as diesel and ship fuel, jet fuel and fuel oil are required to comply with the requirements pertaining to the safety of the mentioned fuel (including its composition) as well as labelling and packaging requirements for these types of fuel.

According to the adopted Technical Regulation on fuel safety, fuel is only considered to be safe, if it does not contain any prohibited impurities. In particular:

• Motor gasoline must not contain metal-containing additives (manganese, lead, iron) and water. It is allowed to use a dye (except for green and red color, which are used in aviation gasoline) and marker substances;

• Diesel fuel must not contain metal-containing additives (except for antistatic additives);

• Jet fuel must not contain any surfactants and other chemicals in any amount that may degrade its properties.

The adopted Technical Regulation (TR) also imposes environmental and fire safety requirements for different fuel types. In addition, the TR reflects the requirements applicable to marking, transportation and storage of fuel.

Identification and assessment of fuel compliance with safety requirements must be carried out by:

• the manufacturer that places fuel on the market in Uzbekistan;

• certification body – during conformity assessment procedure;

• supervisory authority – in the process of compliance assessment of products put into circulation in Uzbekistan.

The requirements of the adopted TR do not apply to fuel supplied under a state defense order or to fuel that is in the state of transit through Uzbekistan.

Law: Decree No. 931 of 21 November 2017 on the Adoption of the General Technical Regulation on the Requirements Pertaining to Motor and Aviation Gasoline, as well as Diesel and Ship Fuel, Jet Fuel and Fuel Oil