Uzbekistan. Issue 21 April 2016

Import of textile machinery requires an expert assessment

Importers of textile machinery will have to provide to the customs authorities, as of 4 April 2016, an expert assessment issued by the Agency of the Expert Assessment of Technical and Economic Justification of Projects of Newly Built and Renovated Industrial Facilities, in order for the machinery to be released for free circulation on the market of Uzbekistan. The expert assessment is to be provided in addition to the documents that are normally required for releasing textile machinery on the Uzbek market.  The expert assessment will evaluate whether the machinery complies with the modern technological requirements and whether it is being supplied at the fair global market price.

Law: Decree No. 95 of 29 March 2016 amending the List of Documents to be Presented to the Customs Authorities for the Performance of Import and Export Operations, adopted by Decree No. 197 of 20 July 2015 

For exporting fruits by road transport it is sufficient to have a license for cargo transportation

As of 1 July 2016 legal and physical persons are allowed to export fruits, vegetables, melons, potatoes and grapes by road vehicles belonging to these persons, provided these persons have a licence for international cargo transportation operations.

Starting from 1 September 2015, it was only permitted to export the mentioned products by either air transport or railway.  Later, the Cabinet of Ministers permitted a number of organisations (included into a special list) to export fruits by way of road transportation. This permission was subsequently extended to 1 July 2016. However, starting from 1 July 2016 organisations do not have to be included into this list in order to be able to export export fruits, vegetables, melons, potatoes and grapes by road vehicles. It will be sufficient to have a licence for international cargo transportation.

Law: Decree No. 100 of 1 April 2016 amending Decree No. 249 of 28 August 2015 on the Measures Aimed at Further Improvement of the Regulation Mechanism for Exporting Fruits and Vegetables, Potatoes, Melons and Grapes

Adopted Technical Regulation on the Safety of Grains

The Technical Regulation on the Safety of Grains is to enter into force on 11 October 2017. The TR would impose requirements for the safety of grains, for its transportation, storage, labelling, packaging, etc. The TR will not apply to grains intended to be used as seeds and to grains grown with the use of genetic engineering.

The authorities which are to supervise and enforce compliance with the adopted TR will be the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the State Bread Inspection reporting to the Cabinet of Ministers, the Agency “Uzstandart”, etc.

From the date the TR enters into force, all currently applicable standardization documents applicable to grains will have voluntary and recommendation status.

Law: Decree No. 31 of 31 March 2016 on the Adoption of the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Grains.