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Customs duties for certain television equipment are to be raised

Draft decision of the EuroAsian Economic Commission proposed to increase import customs duties for up to 16% for certain types of television equipment. The new customs duty will apply to all equipment which includes video-recording or video-display equipment with liquid crystal or plasma screen.

Goods for up to EUR 10,000 may be imported duty-free

As of 15 December 2012 goods for personal use, with the value not exceeding EUR 10,000 (previously – EUR 1,500) may be imported into the Customs Union duty-free, provided they are imported by air transport. No customs declaration should be filled in for all goods with the value not exceeding EUR 10,000 and the weight not exceeding 50 kg.

Russia agreed for the use of PET beer bottles in the Customs Union

Russia withdrew its proposal to prohibit the use of PET-packaging for beer beverages. The Federal Service of Alcohol Market Regulation has agreed to remove the prohibition to use PET bottles for beer from draft Technical Regulation on the Safety of Alcohol Products.

Current Anti-Dumping Investigations

11 February 2011

Notification published on the commencement of an anti-dumping investigation regarding polymer-coated rolled metal products originating from the People’s Republic of China and imported into the Customs Union territory.