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Kazakhstan. Issue 9 January 2017

Amended industrial safety rules for uranium mining facilities

Law: Order No. 635 of 29 August 2016 Amending Order No. 297 of 26 December 2014 Adopting Industrial Safety Rules for Uranium Mining and Processing Facilities

Tajikistan: Law on Safety of Toys enters into force on 24 February 2017

As of 24 February 2017 all toys placed on the market in Tajikistan are subject to certification procedure in accordance with the adopted Technical Regulation.

The Technical Regulation applies to products designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age, subject to exemptions listed in Annex 1. 

Russia. Issue 5 January 2017

Amended rules for importing pharmaceuticals into Russia

According to the amendment, all pharmaceuticals (both registered and not registered in Russia) may be imported into Russia without a permit (issued by the Ministry of Healthcare), provided that they are intended to be used for private purposes by individuals arriving into Russia.

Ukraine, Issue 3 January 2017

Adopted Technical Regulation for Simple High Pressure Vessels

The Regulation sets out technical and safety requirements for simple high pressure vessels placed on the Ukrainian market.  The Regulation has been developed based on the EU Directive 2014/29/EC on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of simple pressure vessels.

EEU: Adopted Technical Regulation on Amusement Ride Safety

The adopted Technical Regulation (TR) sets out minimum safety requirements for the safety of amusement rides and for their design, manufacture, installation (assembly) service, operation, transportation and utilization.  The TR enters into force as of 18 April 2018 (no transitional or grace period is set for this TR).

Russia, Issue 2 January 2017

Adopted Administrative Regulation prescribing the procedure for resolving any disagreements on the results of the Special Evaluation of Working Conditions (workplace risk assessment).

Law: Order No. 709n of 5 December 2016 on the Adoption of the Administrative Regulation for the Provision of the Federal Service on Labour and Occupation of the Service Involving Consideration of Disagreements on the Results of Special Evaluation of Working Conditions