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EAEU: Clarified how GMO-containing food is to be labelled

Starting from 26 December 2018 manufacturers and importers of food produced with the use of GMOs must mark such products with a special sign saying “GMO” next to the common EAEU mark of conformity (EAC mark). The GMO sign must have the same form and size as the EAC mark.

Russia: Amended law on the environmental expert assessment

As of 28 December 2017, organisations planning any activity that is subject to the environmental expert assessment (i.e. any activity that has a potentially high environmental impact) are required to comply with the revised provisions governing the performance of environmental expert assessment.

Russia: Revised list of products subject to utilisation targets (extended producer responsibility)

Starting from 1 January 2018 manufacturers and importers of products included into the revised list of products subject to the extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations are obliged to comply with the utilisation targets set for such products and packaging or to pay the environmental charge.

The adopted list replaces the list adopted by Government Direction No. 1886-p dated 24 September 2015.

Russia: Adopted revised maximum allowable concentrations for polluting substances in the ambient air of residential areas

As of 20 January 2018, organisations emitting polluting substances in the ambient air must ensure that their emissions do not cause the concentrations of such substances to exceed the set concentration limits in the adjoining urban and countryside residential areas.

The maximum allowable concentrations have been set for around 700 polluting substances, such as NOx, SOx, ammonia, acetaldehyde, barium, benz(a)pyrene, benzene, etc.

Russia: Tobacco products to be marked with the means of identification

From 15 January until 31 December 2018 manufacturers and importers of tobacco products have an opportunity to participate (on a voluntary basis) in the pilot project involving marking of tobacco products with identification marks.

The purpose of such an identification is to:

Ensure authenticity of tobacco products;

Russia: How to calculate and report the environmental charges for 2017 within the EPR framework

Manufacturers and importers of products subject to recycling targets (i.e. those subject to the extended producer responsibility) must pay the environmental charge for 2017 before 15 April 2018, if they are required to pay such a charge.

Operators subject to the environmental charge payment are required to submit to the authorities, before 1 April of the year following the relevant reporting year the following documents:

EAEU: Phenylacetone must no longer be used in food production

Phenylacetone (CAS 103-79-7) must no longer be used during the production of food flavourings.

The decision of the EAEU Economic Commission Collegiate No. 1 of 16 January 2018 was adopted to this effect. The Decision is to enter into force from the date the relevant amendment to the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Food Additives, Flavourings and Supplemental Technical Devices enters into force.