ALL (General product requirements)

Russia: Non-compliant products. When and how to notify the authorities?

Product manufacturers, manufacturer representatives and importers may use the Methodical Recommendations adopted by the Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology (RosStandart) in order to determine how and in which cases they have to notify the market surveillance authorities about non-compliant products they placed on the market.

EAEU, Issue 4 April 2017

EAEU: Amended lists of products subject to Technical Regulations

As of 22 April 2017, amendments to lists of products subject to certain Technical Regulations enter into force. The lists of products that are subject to the following Technical Regulations have been amended:

Technical Regulation on the Safety of Personal Protective Equipment;

Belarus: steps towards the “green economy”

Belarus is planning to implement the National Action Plan on the Development of the Green Economy up to 2020. This plan calls for a number of regulatory changes, as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has recently announced.

In particular, the Ministry plans to amend the legislation on public procurement of goods and services with the aim to promote “green” procurement.

Ukraine: Moratorium on state inspections extended until 31 December 2017

LawNo. 1728-VIII of 3 November 2016 extends the moratorium on scheduled state inspections of organisations by state authorities until 31 December 2017. The moratorium means that no organization is to be subject to any scheduled state inspection (e.g. checking compliance with environmental, occupational safety or another legislation). However, the moratorim does not apply to non-scheduled inspections of organisations.

Russia: creates the National Certification System

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (RosStandart) has created a system of voluntary certification – the “National Certification System” (NCS). The order creating the NCS was signed on 29 December 2016.

The main purposes for creating the NCS are said to be provision of assistance to consumers in choosing the right products or services and increasing the competitiveness of Russian-made products at the national and international markets.