Cosmetics and perfumery

EAEU: Cosmetic Technical Regulation Amended

As of 25 January 2017 manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products in the EAEU (the former Customs Union) will have to issue a conformity declaration pursuant to one of the prescribed schemes: 3d, 4d or 6d. 

Russia might allow import of certain products without brand owners’ permission

Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) has sent to the Vice-Premier a list of products for which they propose to allow the parallel import – without brand owners’ permission. The list is said to include cosmetics, perfumery, soft drinks and hygienic products, such as nappies. Also, the list may include pharmaceuticals, vehicle spare parts and medical products.

Russia amends the legislation on alcohol-containing cosmetics

As of 1 June 2015, the manufacturers of cosmetic products with the alcohol content exceeding 0,5% will require a licence for this activity (previously, a licence was only compulsory for the manufacturer of cosmetic products with the alcohol content exceeding 1,5% .

Russia may impose an import ban on additional products

As the European Union has introduced a new sanctions "package", Russia may, in response, introduce an additional import ban on clothes, wine, vehicles, luxury goods, fridges and petrochemicals from EU or the US. There is no final list and no draft regulation imposing this ban but, as the state officials say, certain response measures are sure to be introduced.