Food and drinks

Uzbekistan, Issue 11 July 2016

Cosmetics, petrochemicals, food and fabrics are subject to customs expert assessment

As of 23 May 2019 importers of products listed by Decree No. 2787 of 17 May 2016 must organise customs expert assessment in order to be able to import these products into Uzbekistan. The list includes perfumery and cosmetics, dairy products, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, oil and petrochemicals, brake fluids. organic solvents, paints and varnishes, etc.

When do the EEU Technical Regulations enter into force in Kyrgyzstan?

The timeframe was set for Kyrgyzstan for the entry into force of EEU Technical Regulations.  It was adopted by Decision No. 11 of 26 January 2016 of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The TRs will become mandatory in Kyrgyzstan on different dates, and the last one to become mandatory is the TR on automotive and aviation fuel which is to become fully mandatory on 12 August 2021.

The TRs are to be enforced in Kyrgyzstan in four “batches”.

Russian standard for organic food entered into force

The new national Russian standard GOST R 56508-2015 “Organic production. Regulation for production, storage, transportation” entered into force on 1 January 2016.  The Standard applies to organically produced food of animal, plant or microbe origin in a natural, processed or treated form, which is to be consumed by humans or animals or used as planting and seed material.

Russia has banned “Palcohol” sales

Federal Consumer Protection and Public Welfare Service (Rospotrebnadzor) has announced that, due to the fact that the sale of powder alcohol (“palcohol”) has been permitted in several US states, it is possible that some distributors will try to release this product on the Russian market.

Russia is to suspend the import of "lactose-free" cheeses

Import of “lactose-free dairy products” into Russia may be suspended as under this categories cheese is being imported into the country. The import of cheese from certain countries is currently banned by the Russian Federation. The Federal Consumer Protection and Public Welfare Service is requesting to take the relevant measures.