Russia: Adopted standards on chemical product identification

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) has approved two national standards: GOST R 57443-2017 “Chemical product identification. General provisions” and GOST R 57444-2017 “Chemical product identification. Rules for performing laboratory testS.” 

Russia: Proposed additional health and safety risk criteria for organisations

Organisations may be assigned to lower or higher risk category (for the purposes of state inspection frequency, insurance premium calculation, etc.) if additional criteria are to be applied.

Thus, an organization may be assigned a lower H&S risk if, during the past year, there were no occupational injuries at this organization or the organization is not in arrears for salaries or there were no administrative penalties issued to it.

Russia: Proposed additional options for paying advanced environmental fees

Organisations paying environmental fees (i.e. those performing air emissions, wastewater discharges or waste disposal) may be granted more flexibility for the payment of such fees in advance, if the published draft regulation is adopted.

The current procedure for the calculation of quarterly advanced payments of environmental fees requires the payers to pay in advance ¼ of the environmental fee paid for the previous year. As a result, some organisations are likely to significantly overpay their environmental fees.

Russia: All electro-technical personnel must undergo relevant first-aid training

The letter issued by the Russian labour safety authority (RosTechNadzor) explains that all technical personnel working with electricity must undergo first-aid training with a specific focus on practical electric-shock treatment.

 According to the legislation, any person subjected to any injury that poses a hazard to the person’s life or health, must be provided with a first aid. Only specially trained persons are allowed to provide such a first aid (Federal Law on the Health Protection of Citizens No. 323-FZ).

Russia: Renewal of the temporary retail prohibition for certain alcohol-containing products

Starting from 30 March 2017 all organisations and sole traders are required to suspend all retail sale of alcohol-containing non-foods, alcohol-containing food additives and flavourings with the content of ethanol exceeding 28% of the finished product volume, sold at a price that is lower than the retail price of 0,5 litre of vodka or other spirits or liquors with the ethanol content exceeding 28%.


Russia: Non-compliant products. When and how to notify the authorities?

Product manufacturers, manufacturer representatives and importers may use the Methodical Recommendations adopted by the Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology (RosStandart) in order to determine how and in which cases they have to notify the market surveillance authorities about non-compliant products they placed on the market.