Russia: Adopted lean production recommendations

Manufacturers are recommended to apply the lean manufacturing principles in accordance with the guidance issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation (MinPromTorg). 

The adopted guidance may be used by any organization operating in any industry sector if such an organization has decided to improve its efficiency by implementing lean manufacturing management system.

Russia: Adopted procedure for pre-route inspections of transport vehicles

As of 24 December 2017, organisations performing road transportation by vehicles or by overground electrical transport vehicles are required to organize pre-route inspections of vehicles they operate. The purpose of pre-route inspections is to exclude the possibility of a faulty vehicle being allowed on the road.

Russia: Adopted rules for the safe operation and maintenance of lifts, lifting platforms, travellators and escalators

As of 30 August 2017, owners and/or operators of passenger lifts (elevators), lifting platforms for disabled persons, travellators (moving pedestrian pavements) and escalators (the Equipment) are required to comply with the adopted safety rules. The Rules do not apply to non-passenger lifts, lifts operated in mines or on ships, aircrafts or special military purpose lifts.

Russia: Clarification on medical examination requirement for employees

Federal Labour and Occupation Service (RosTrud) has published a clarification on the necessity of organizing a preliminary and subsequent regular medical examinations for employees.

Medical examinations are regulated by Order No. 302n that also lists types of working conditions and occupational exposure that are considered as harmful or hazardous.

Russia: Proposed requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings

Organisations that perform planning, expert assessment, construction, putting into operation and operation of heated buildings and structures (both newly built or renovated) may have to comply with a new set of requirements regulating energy efficiency of such buildings and structures.

The following parameters are to be used in order to determine compliance with energy efficiency requirements:

Russia: Published list of laws containing compulsory fire safety requirements

The published list of laws contains compulsory fire safety requirements compliance with which is to be checked by fire safety inspectors during fire safety inspections of organisations.

The list includes federal laws, Presidential Decrees, Governmental Decrees and Directions as well as regulations adopted by federal and local executive bodies.