Russia: Clarification on medical examination requirement for employees

Federal Labour and Occupation Service (RosTrud) has published a clarification on the necessity of organizing a preliminary and subsequent regular medical examinations for employees.

Medical examinations are regulated by Order No. 302n that also lists types of working conditions and occupational exposure that are considered as harmful or hazardous.

Russia: Proposed requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings

Organisations that perform planning, expert assessment, construction, putting into operation and operation of heated buildings and structures (both newly built or renovated) may have to comply with a new set of requirements regulating energy efficiency of such buildings and structures.

The following parameters are to be used in order to determine compliance with energy efficiency requirements:

Russia: Published list of laws containing compulsory fire safety requirements

The published list of laws contains compulsory fire safety requirements compliance with which is to be checked by fire safety inspectors during fire safety inspections of organisations.

The list includes federal laws, Presidential Decrees, Governmental Decrees and Directions as well as regulations adopted by federal and local executive bodies.

Russia: Occupational safety standards adopted

The recently published standards concern personal protective equipment for respiratory organs and eyes, special clothing, dielectric gloves and personal protective equipment that is to be used as fall protection during works at height.

GOST R ISO 13688-2016 “Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothing. General requirements” contains requirements for ergonomics, safety, size labelling, wear and tear and general labelling of protective clothing.

Russia: Industry is opposing the proposed rules on medical examination of workers

Draft regulation on medical examination of employees is being discussed. However, most organisations which this regulation would impact, if adopted, do not support the proposal. The Russian Industry and Entrepreneurs Union (RSPP) has shown a negative reaction on the proposed expansion of categories of professions and workplaces with exposure to harmful or hazardous working conditions.

Russia: Proposed risk-oriented approach for state environmental inspections

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology published draft decree that would regulate state environmental inspections. According to the draft Decree proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, all organisations are to be assigned an environmental risk category. The draft Decree sets out criteria for assigning any organization to an environmental risk category.